For whitening of dark, dull or stained teeth, bleaching may be the simplest solution. Bleaching is performed by taking an impression of your teeth and making a duplicate model. 
On this model, a soft, thin, clear tray is fabricated. This tray is filled with a bleaching gel and placed directly over the teeth in the mouth. 
This bleach filled tray can be worn several hours during the day or at night while you sleep. Results are attained daily. 




For maximum achievement, most patients must wear the bleaching tray for 1-2 weeks. However, the results are also relevant to the strength of the selected bleaching gel. 
When you want your smile to be its brightest for your wedding or before an important meeting, remember that tooth bleaching isn't just for the movie stars, and it isn't just for one day. 
Many people's teeth are bleached and probably millions more are thinking about it. The desire for a brighter smile with whiter teeth is very strong, and tooth bleaching safely lightens the color of the teeth, lasting for up to five years.




The effective and safest method of tooth bleaching is dentist supervised. Generally, bleaching is successful in at least 90 percent of patients, though it may not be an option for everyone.
Consider tooth bleaching if your teeth are darkened from smoking, coffee, tea or by the age. Teeth darkened with the color of yellow, brown or orange respond better to lightening. Other types of gray stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline are lightened, but results are not as dramatic as bonding.