CAD CAM Zirconium YZ
Current developments of the dental medicine.
Newest technology achievements of our age are not to be excluded from our everyday life no more, then a continual technical revolution takes place also in the dental medicine. 
Constantly rising patient desires and techniques caused the esthetic dental medicine in the last years. In the surrounding field of the esthetic dental medicine in the past years successes within the ranges were obtained such as Bleaching, AllCeramic, Crown, Laminates Veneer, etc.. 
In particular is corresponded to our esthetic expectations in the high Maase, whereby now without metals fullceramic crowns and be manufactured bridges can be contained by newest computers technology. In the years before the recondition ability of these fullceramic crowns and bridges was a central problem.



The newest technological development herveorgebracht the possibilities such as zirconium YZ, whereby extremely again-conditionable stable ceramic(s) blocks can be worked on by computer-controlled processing possibilities. This procedure can be accomplished, if the possibilities are given, even directly before the patient fast and perfectly.

Newest possibilities of the Esthetic Dentistry..
The new technological procedure in the modern dentistry is coined/shaped of complete Erstaz of teeth by full ceramic(s). The modern dentistry attached ever greater importance to the dental treatment of the patients in the framework in the last 10 years of the esthetic organization of the teeth. In the focus the precise tuning of color continual is to manufacture form and appearance of the patient teeth around as natural a patient desire as possible appropriate artificial dentures. The first impression with humans decides often how we arrive with our fellow man. The maintained impression of humans also in particular coined/shaped by beautiful teeth. The desire for as inconspicuous crowns and a bridges as possible is all too understandable and with the new High Tech Fullceramic Zirconium YZ (CAD CAM) in absolutely convincing quality also fulfillable therefore.


Which one understands by Hih Tech Vollkeramik zirconium YZ (CAD CAM)
With the dentist by the patient a casting of the teeth is provided. On the basis this casting in the tooth laboratory a gipsmodell is manufactured. Now the model is stored by a computer three-dimensional read (scanning) and the data. With the help of the stored data (form and Ausmaasse of the Basismodels) now a ceramic(s) block is worked on in such a way that an identical tooth model of the patient develops. On the basis this model the underbody of the too erstezenden teeth is provided by means of computer-controlled procedure (CAD CAM). The advantage of this procedure is those the 100%ige register accuracy in relation to past applied procedures. Thus the basic condition for the accurate passport ability of the ceramic bridges and/or with the patient is given. 



Advantages and future prospects
With the High Tech Fullceramic Zirconium YZ (CAD CAM) - procedures can correspond we to the desires of the patients fully. Thus we reach an extremely natural working Esthetic. In addition the procedure stands for highest bio compatibility. The patients are fully content and safe after the treatment with the organization of your artificial dentures in your occurrence. By successes with the procedure of the High Tech Fullceramic Zirconium YZ (CAD CAM) werden always new fields of the dental medicine integrates, thus for example: Inlay and Onlay filling, laminates Veneer, hid Clammy one etc.. These methods will play ever more largely becoming role in the future one. Thus the employment will be displaced by technical solutions made of metal in the dental medicine in not all at long time.